Kredique Shaw

Freelance Thief and Adventurer


Level 3 Human Female Thief


Kredique has a burn mark that runs from her neck to her ribs. The left part of her torso and hair are dotted with green crystals. She worships Shul, goddess of the moon. Fast and lucky, she has surprised many with her ability to pull off capers that many other thieves have only dreamed of. However, she’s not particularly liked or trusted by many, which suits her just fine since she prefers to be left alone and observe people from the shadows. She was raised in a small village by a poor couple; she was their only child. Forced to work from a young age in order to help her family survive, she wiled away hours in her father’s wainwright shed learning how to repair broken wagon wheels and horse carts. In order to stave off boredom, she would secretly rummage through the belongings of cart owners and steal small trinkets and clothes from wealthy clients that she would use to imagine a different life for herself. 

When Kredique was 13 years old, both her parents were killed in a house fire, and she was sent off to live with an uncle in the city of [I need the name of a large city to the South!]. The man was violent and often lashed out at Kredique, threatening to kill her if she didn’t start earning money. He tried to sell her off to a brothel, but she escaped and returned to her uncle’s house a few weeks later. When she returned, she had cut off all her hair and began dressing like a boy to avoid being noticed. She learned to retreat into the shadows when her uncle lost his temper or drank too much, and quickly learned that in such a large city, she could safely make money by picking the pockets of wealthy residents. A band of local thieves noticed her work, and brought her into their guild where they taught her how to break into homes, and disarm traps in temples. She was loyal to the thieves’ group and they all became so successful with her help that after some time she left her uncle’s house and began living on her own as Kredik Shaw— a name she selected to hide her true identity. But after some time, Kredique grew restless, and prayed to Shul (a favorite of her mother) to help her find her true path in life. Soon after, she met a group of travelers who promised excitement, magic and great adventure if she were to follow them. She joined their group, and it was only when she had a near-death experience in a magic fountain that she dared to reveal her true self. (OR DID SHE?! )

Kredique Shaw

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