Magnus ver Magnusson

Barbarian of the Hill People


Level 3 Human Warrior


Magnuss ver Magnusssen, son of Magnusss, who was son of Magnussss, who was son of Magnusssss, comes from a long line of Magnusssssss(s)es. Each successive generation receives one fewer ‘s’ on their name, so family legend has it that their line will only persist six more generations — Magnus, Magnu, Magn, Mag, Ma, and finally the mysterious M. Who knows if this is bullshit. Magnuss doesn’t really care that much. He’ll be long dead by then.

Magnuss, as one of the original 6(?) adventurers from ‘The Village’, takes the issue of the Harrower fairly seriously. Darius was a man of honor, and the elder of their village, and he took it seriously, and so Magnuss does as well. Also, as a worshipper of Ildavir, it seems to him that the snuffing out of the stars is unnatural, if you will, and so again, something to be considered.

That said, his main drive is adventure. He spent his youth as a trapper, and enjoyed wandering far afield, occasionally daydreaming of a day when he could wander over the next hill, and then the next, then the next…so when the call came to leave the village, he never despaired. He enjoys the excitement and danger of adventuring, though he does not take it lightly, or as a game. The dangers are real, and death lurks around every corner — he merely delights in the fact that his life is no ordinary one.

Magnuss is a man of action. He judges not on what may be, or could be, but rather is. He generally trusts Professor Woodrow Mercer, and he has never acted in such a way that would betray Manguss’ trust, or those of the Mobos. He’s strange, certainly, and so Magnuss remains wary, but simply not understanding the god Mercer worships, or the place he is from is no grounds not to trust the man. He considers Joss something of a kindred spirit, and so trusts him as well.

Magnus ver Magnusson

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