The Labyrinth of Forgotten Kings

Fear of the Dark

The party, lead by Stump Beefknob, spent time mapping the mystical teleportation machine, calculating the various endpoints – including one they had never visited before, a locked room with a key card reader next to it and, written on the door, one word:

Unable to open the door of the room and feeling that discretion might be the better part of valor, the Mobos returned to the Eternal Laboratory to continue their exploration, and (it was hoped) to find the keycard to open the locked door.

Encountering another security detail, Braennan summoned forth a rolling sphere of darkness, shutting them down in their tracks.  So powerful was his spell that the he was able to control its movement, so they brought it to the mysterious building machine to attempt to shut it down – unfortunately, it appeared this machine was powered in other ways, so the Mobos used the opportunity to clear the level of the remaining security details.

Moving on to the large area south of the Workshop, the party discovered a broken (and bloody) elevator leading down approximately 30m.  Letting Stump lead the way, the Mobos lowered him down to investigate.  Herein he discovered an enormous glass(?) dome, presumably either underneath the island itself, or inside of its hollow core.  In the dark waters surrounding the dome swam a large creature – but the party had no time to investigate before being attacked by a dozen Children of the Deep, mad with hunger and hell-bent on destruction!

The Children were dispatched easily, and it was discovered they had escaped from some sort of "lobster traps" in the room.  In the eastern end of the room they discovered a tentacled brain in a vat, who babbled incoherently save to tell the party its name (Verso), and begging them to press two buttons so that it could be "released".  If pressed for answers, Verso kept responding that "only Septyeux knows!" before falling back into mad laughter and weeping.  After some discussion, the Mobos decided to leave the creature to its fate – and its wailing, mad screams of pain followed them back to the rope headed back to the upper floor of the Laboratory…



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