The Labyrinth of Forgotten Kings

Sun and Steel

The session opened with Braennan returning to this plane from his mystical journey "home" to serve the Iron Maiden, finding the rest of the Mobos severely burned and injured from their experimentation with the various and sundry items they found around the workshop.  Quickly healing everyone, the party decided to create a "trap" of sorts at the east door before opening it; this turned out to be an excellent idea, for when Kredique slotted in a blue key card the doors slid open directly into a Security Team, who rushed forward to attack.  Magnuss and Balthazar were put to sleep just as Balthazar struck the Repairbot with a massive meteor; the robot hung back while it repaired itself, covered by the Spellbot and Shootbot while the Fightbot rushed forward.

Braennan threw a Darkness spell into the center of the crew that hung back and they went suddenly quiet – through a war of attrition the Fightbot was cut down, but its friends did not join to protect it.  It was at this point that the Mobos realized that the robots were solar powered, and that the lights in the ceiling were providing sunlight for the machines to function.  Stump and Magnuss headed into the darkness – Magnuss destroying the inert machines and Stump finding a number of Mr. Fixits that had rushed forward to attempt to "heal", or at least clean up, their brothers.  Stump smashed all of the Mr. Fixits and the party headed north once the Darkness cleared.

The Mobos opened a door to a room filled with glowing blue crystals, lightning arcing along their surface.  Discretion being the better part of valor, they closed this door and examined the door just to the north of that, where they found 8 small, metal tents with 8 apertures along their base.  Assuming these apertures were where the Mr. Fixits came from, the party spiked the doors shut and continued to the eastern doors.

The doors to the east appeared to be guarded by two tubes at the far north and south ends of the room, each hooked to a box covered with hieroglyphics.  Balthazar examined the hieroglyphics and fought down a wave of insanity – the writing apparently spoke of ancient Gods of unsurpassed evil.    When Kredique approached the doors, the tubes seemed to "wake up" and train themselves on her; she nimbly rolled out of the way before finding out what the tubes were up to.   The party decided a different approach was necessary.

Keeping well away from Kredique, the Mobos watched as she carefully opened the box attached to the tubes, an extraordinarily difficult feat.  Kredique discovered the box was full of the blue "lightning crystals" from the room to the north.  After some discussion with the rest of the Mobos, Kredique poured some of the acid they had found in the workshop inside the box – luckily there was no adverse chemical reaction, and the crystals were destroyed, which seemed to disable the tube.  The party then headed to the northern tube where Kredique repeated the process.  It was now deemed safe to approach the door.

None of the key cards the party had in their possession (Green and Blue) seemed to open the door.  In a fit of inspiration, Kredique attempted to hotwire the lock on the door  - and in a one in a million chance, succeeded.  On the other side were the array of strange tubes and levers familiar to the Mobos in their adventures in the Labyrinth – some sort of teleporter.  The Mobos activated tube 0100, and discussed what to do – experiment with the teleporter, head back to town, or continuing exploring the southern part of the Workshop.


In the past we have flipped each switch to see what’s available to travel to. In the past I believe the switches would turn their respective portals green if available. If my theory is right it’s likely we have the ability to travel to the following:
0010, 0011, 0001, and 0010
I believe it’s also probable that we can go to:
1001, 0110, 1000, 1010, and 0111
What I failed to do on this star schematic was to label which locations were where. I’ll start that now, but we may want to visit each of the available options to see ‘where’ they are.

One question for all of you: I seem to remember there was a hub like this in what seemed to be an office, and a desert location, but what other places had a hub like this? Wasnt there a moving mill in the swamp too that the Ghouls were using?

Sun and Steel

Good memory! You’ve seen them in the following places:
- The front hall of the Alabaster Halls of the Labyrinth (first place you found)
- The casino named “The Gilded Wreath”
- The Lost Bazaar, out in the desert(?) somewhere
- Inside of the Eternal Workshop (where you are now)
- There was one that got found near the Whately Mill – but unfortunately you guys don’t know about it. Atalanta had found it beneath a giant tree near the mill when she was running away from the ghouls. She never flipped any of the switches. Everyone else who might remember that it’s there is dead, and Atalanta is presumed missing.

Sun and Steel

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