The Labyrinth of Forgotten Kings

OOG Summary to this point

The party had entered the Temple of the Harrower to find out what was what.  What happened next was a bit of a bloodbath, and the Mobos ended up releasing some sort of metal construct, then burying the entrance to the temple under a bunch of rubble rather than go to Woodrow Mercer for a proper desecration of the temple.  Right after that everyone was kind of in a foul mood.  While Thali worked on The Wreck (the remains of the ship from your level 0 scrubs, and now the home base of the Mobos), you all had the same dream – that a certain Dr. Chapman of Sefton Castle (literally the first adventure we played) was trapped inside of the Grimmswood, and needed assistance from the "Three Brides".  Additionally, Joey Montelbano told your crew that the way through the Grimmswood to Portsmouth (an important trading corridor for the area) was essentially sealed off, and he needed you to open it again.  You remember also that the Baron in the area has been looking for your crew, most likely related to the Sefton Castle incident.  You had to balance this news against the news that you should find Dellspero in the Uldominor Mountains to find out why the stars are going out – a trip of no less than 4 weeks to get there.  Deciding a bird in the hand was worth two etc., you decide to visit the Baron Charming, father of Prince Charming, to see what he might want.

The Baron tells you a tale of his son's … well, weird necromantic tendencies, specifically the raising of long dead princesses.  Apparently things have gone terribly sideways once the Prince started meddling with affairs he didn't understand, and the Three Brides (as they are known) have taken over the Grimmswood, filling it with malevolent power.  Additionally the Grimmswood is a neutral zone between the Elfland (not elves like Kelsier, but a different breed) and the northern baronies, and the princesses have blurred the line between the two and causing the Elfland to spill over into the "real world."  The Baron asks you to bring him the heads of the three Brides … and you comply.

You outfit yourselves and head into the Grimmswood, and have spent the past month of game-time there off and on.  Some of the things that happened:

  • A few run-ins with the Elves I spoke of above.  They all wear tartans just like Magnuss and Torgus
  • Magnuss fought the Black Knight of the Wood – and lost.  This cost him his armor and weapons (temporarily)
  • A run-in with the Parliament of Owls, followed later by a run-in with the Murder of Ravens.  This resulted in the death and looting (by Kredique) of almost all of the ravens of the Grimmswood.
  • A battle with the Cowardly Lion (in which everyone almost died) and something people have called the "Manbearpig" (in which everyone almost died.  Seriously, Tom was fucking DEAD, I had finally killed him – and someone rolled a successful luck check when they rolled him over)
  • At one point the party found the artifact of a Patron of Insects.  They brought it back to town and tried to hide it beneath the Wreck (in the water).  That ended poorly.
  • Zombies.  Plenty of zombies.

The big things were the fight (and victory over) Cinder Ella and Snow.  Cinder Ella was pretty much a cakewalk, though Tom was badly burned.  Snow charmed Stump who almost took out Braennan, and came close to a TPK.  After the destruction of both of these Princesses (and they're subsequent beheading as well as the stripping of their wedding gowns by Kredique), Dr. Chapman would appear to everyone more … substantially, thanking them for their assistance.  He has told everyone where Beauty is, an extremely tough fight – and with her death he will be free.

So, around this time the party brings that artifact back to town.  All Hell breaks loose – the star disappears.  Luca falls into a coma, along with everyone else who was born underneath that star, and a gigantic spider appears before the town, speaking in riddles (and removing Magnuss' ear, I believe).  Giant bugs keep attacking wherever the artifact is held, and in all the chaos the artifact is stolen.

Back into the Grimmswood everyone goes – but are leery of facing Beauty.  So the party heads all the way north to Portsmouth to do a little "touring."  Something strange is afoot there, and the party is run out of town by an angry mob.  On the way back the stop at a giant hut with chicken legs that only appears at night – the proprietor is one Mr. Gold, and everything can be had … for a price.

This is where Braennan runs into trouble.  Something happens with him and he apparently is either unable or unwilling to cast clerical spells.  Kredique is driven temporarily insane by something she saw in a temple in Portsmouth (a temple to the god Dagon) and was somehow healed.  Stump and Magnuss surprisingly stay out of trouble, though Magnuss buys himself a shiny new longsword …



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